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How Much Exercise Is Sufficient For A Healthy Lifestyle?

Sioux Falls How Much Exercise is Sufficient

As with a routine exercise program, regular chiropractic care should be a vital part of achieving your long-term goals for health, wellness, and well-being. When you participate in a consistent vigorous exercise program, regular chiropractic care can  help us stay on track by minimizing the chances of picking up an exercise-related injury. Regular chiropractic care ...


Are Your Shoulders Attached to Your Earlobes? Get Relief for Neck Pain!

Neck Pain Sioux Falls

If you think about the mechanics of your neck, you’ll realize it’s not surprising how easily it can be injured. It has amazing flexibility, is constantly on the move, has very little muscular support, but has to support the 14 - 16 pounds of your head. It is like balancing a bowling ball on a ...


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