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Why Applied Kinesiology?

At Great Plains Chiropractic and Wellness, we offer Applied Kinesiology as a means for assessment of the body. Applied Kinesiology philosophically puts the highest emphasis on the understanding that three primary things can result in an insult to the nervous system: physical traumas, thoughts, and toxins. Therefore, your complaint can be of structural, chemical, or emotional origin. Applied Kinesiology uses manual muscle testing as a biofeedback mechanism first to locate the area(s) influencing your complaint and then challenge the nervous system to find if the area in distress is of mechanical, biochemical, or emotional cause. Approaching chiropractic care this way often allows for more efficient results that hold longer and help you feel better sooner!


Applied Kinesiology-How It Works

The entire body works as a unit, with each component affecting the whole system. Anything that affects the inside of the body will also affect the outside. Since what happens on the inside of the body affects the outside, a thorough evaluation of the outside, including (viscerosomatic reflexes) of the body, will lead to valuable clues about the internal health and function of the patient. viscerosomatic reflexes reflect internal distress and dysfunction. Through these reflexes, illnesses or dysfunction in organs or organ systems refer back to the spine or specific points and muscles in the body. Pain or weakness in these points or muscles can be a strong indicator of illness or dysfunction in a specific organ system. It is through this neurologic system that we can evaluate the outside of the body to help determine what may be happening on the inside of the body. If there is something wrong on the outside, you know that something is wrong on the inside.


What We Offer!

At Great Plains Chiropractic and Wellness in Sioux Falls, SD, we offer holistic care, as all of our treatments are non-invasive alternatives to traditional medicine. Holistic care addresses the patient as an individual rather than a symptom or condition. Because your entire body is based on signals sent through your spine, chiropractic adjustments using the Applied Kinesiology Technique can often correct an upset that lies elsewhere in the body and those directly related to the spinal column. We are dedicated to addressing the root cause of your health conditions, whether physical, nutritional, emotional, mental, or social.

Care at our office includes chiropractic adjustments for all ages, spinal corrective and physical rehabilitation, and other natural non-surgical solutions. In addition, we offer post-surgical pain management when necessary, as well as coordinate your care with other providers.

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