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Success Stories

We love to share and celebrate the wonderful residents and their stories of overcoming health challenges at Great Plains Chiropractic and Wellness in Sioux Falls, SD. Share the journey with us as we follow the path of our amazing patients and their health journeys.

If you would like to start your journey to optimal health, we encourage you to do so. We also would love to share your journey to help celebrate your milestones and encourage others to understand that health and wellness can be achieved safely, effectively, and naturally.

Remember: We never know how far-reaching something we may think, say, or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow. -BJ Palmer, D.C.


Patient Testimonials

IT band and hip pain

“I am a healthy, active 43 year old male. I am an avid ourdoorsman and runner. I was in a motorcycle accident at the age of 18 and sustained a broken leg and crushed hip. I had not had any problems until my IT band muscles started aching when I had run long distances. I had been treat with an orthopedic doctor, sports medicine doctor, and a chiropractic doctor. I also received physical therapy, cortisone shots and one shot in the back for my IT band problem and hip pain. I had been suffering with this pain for 2 years. I started treating with Dr. Mitch Jacobs for the IT band and hip pain problems. Dr. Mitch gave me Graston. After 4-5 Graston treatments the IT band pain went away. We started to focus more on the hip pain and after another 4-5 Graston treatments combined with electrical stimulation therapy, the hip pain disappeared. Now i am on a maintenance program with Dr. Mitch, I come in to get the Graston treatments about once a month. The pain in my hips and IT bands has not returned and now I am able to get back to all of the activities that I previously enjoyed.”


Disc Injury

“I am a veterinarian who leads a very active lifestyle. I have always used periodic chiropractic care. About two years ago I injured my back while lifting a pet. The pain that ensued was unbearable. I immediately went to Dr. Hardwick who diagnosed an injury to my intervertebral disc in my lower back. He began therapy with adjustments around the area, but not into the affected joint so as not to make the condition worse. I was also put on traction, e-stim, and ultrasound. As my condition was very severe, he referred me for an MRI and injection in order to assist him further with my recovery. His treatment continued to improve my condition to the point where I could begin my physical therapy with him. My recovery was steady and with his dedication I am 100%. Without Dr. Hardwick’s help, I know I would not be able to maintain my job. Not only has he kept me healthy for work but I have no restrictions in my active lifestyle. I now see him on a monthly basis for an adjustment and traction. I FEEL GREAT!”



“I have had previous experience with other chiropractors but did not feel they were doing me any good. After several years of not believing chiropractors could help my condition, I was referred to Dr. Mitch Jacobs by a friend of mine who had also been treating with him for pain in her jaw. I started treating with Dr. Mitch for a variety of things; one being jaw pain, also migraines that would last for three to four days, and acid reflux/stomach issues. At the time I started seeing Dr. Mitch I was taking anywhere from 15-20 ibuprofen a day to attempt to minimize the pain I was experiencing due to headaches and jaw pain. I was in turn taking Tagament on a daily basis to try to alleviate my stomach discomfort and acid reflux. After a few months of bi-weekly and then weekly visits, my migraines were becoming more infrequent and not lasting for more than a day. This meant a lot less ibuprofen which in turn alleviated my stomach issues. The acid reflux is now nearly non existent. I now treat with Dr. Mitch on a monthly basis. Sometimes a few months go by where I do not feel that I need a treatment and then I get one of my migraines and will get an appointment that day!”



“Not too long ago I was in a bad boating accident that caused reoccurring , serious headaches. I remember days that my neck and back would hurt so intensely that I could hardly bring myself to get off the floor. Sometimes the pain was so bad that it would make me sick to my stomach. Before I went to see Dr. Mitch Jacobs, I saw a medical doctor who prescribed physical therapy. Unfortunately I didn’t feel any relief from it. Finally, I took matters into my own hands and started seeing Dr. Mitch. He treated me with a series of adjustments, ultrasound and stim therapy. I found myself feeling better instantly! I am so excited to be back to my normal life with NO MORE PAIN!”


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