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Arthritis: Research & It’s Cause
by Dr. Mark Hardwick and Dr. Mitchell Jacobs

Read Arthritis: Research & It’s Cause by Dr. Mark Hardwick and Dr. Mitchell Jacobs to learn more about Great Plains Chiropractic and our Chiropractic office in Sioux Falls, SD.

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Osteoarthritis, chiropractic and nutrition, 1991

It is proposed that chiropractic and nutritional treatment contribute to the amelioration and perhaps reversal of osteoarthritis (OA). It is further proposed that the chiropractic manipulative thrust is, in effect, treating dysfunctional bio-mechanics of joints, affecting positive cartilaginous change. The pathophysiology and multi-factorial causes of OA are reviewed. New interpretations of the literature surrounding OA are discussed, which offer arguments for OA’s treatment and reversal through chiropractic manipulation and nutritional support. Presented is a new model of the chiropractic concept of subluxation (abnormal joint complex resulting in fixation or decrease in normal range of motion) and the chiropractic manipulative thrust. The associated histological correlates are also discussed. A review of the literature of anti-inflammatory and muscle/joint complex supportive nutrients appropriate for OA is presented. Finally, a complete treatment protocol for OA is summarized.

Experimental models of osteoarthritis, 1987

Arthritis research

Evidence is reviewed from animal experiments supporting the hypothesis that immobilization, for whatever reason, is one of the pathogenetic factors in musculoskeletal degeneration. It shows beyond reasonable doubt that immobilization is not only a cause of osteoarthritis, but that it delays the healing process. Osteoarthritis changes were observed after only a few weeks of immobilization.

Subluxation and osteoarthritis, 1973

Research has shown that most patients with rheumatoid arthritis have severe spinal misalignments.

Brain stem compression in rheumatoid arthritis, JAMA, 1976

Involvement of the cervical spine, particularly the atlanto-axial (C1 to C2) area, by rheumatoid arthritis (RA) may result in serious complications, including quadraparesis, vertebral artery insufficiency and even death. Pathologic conditions of the cervical spine are common in RA and may occur in as many as 86% of patients with this disease. The incidence of roentgenographic evidence of serious C1 to C2 subluxations has been reported as high as 25%.

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