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A study published in the British Medical Journal assessed the cost effectiveness of Chiropractic with other modes of treatment.

One hundred eighty-three patients who suffered with neck pain for a two-week period participated in the study. The patients, aged 18 to 70-years-old, were divided into three groups. Sixty patients received Chiropractic adjustments; 59 received physiotherapy and 64 were treated by a general practitioner.

After seven weeks, more patients in the Chiropractic group reported “complete recovery” than patients in either of the other groups — 68% recovered in the Chiropractic group; 51% recovered in the physiotherapy group, and only 36% in the general practitioner group recovered.

Six months after the study concluded, researchers found that treatments costs were also significantly lower for patients who received Chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care cost one-third less than the other two treatments — $402; care from the general practitioner cost $1,241 and Physiotherapy cost $1,167.

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